Serving in the HVAC industry – with experience and understanding

The HVAC industry operates in truly time-critical projects, where an understanding of the overall industry, its nuances, quality benchmarks and the role of various certification authorities is very critical. Which is why CVS has invested significantly in ensuring that its products and implementation processes come with highest accreditations and are certified.

Over more than a decade of manufacturing and providing seamless certified installation training services, CVS has partnered in over 300 projects. The company takes pride in the promptness and technical prowess of its teams to plan and execute projects of significantly large sizes and complexities within the stipulated timeframes.

High quality at every stage and process of manufacturing and certified installation training is the key to company’s growth and success over the years. Its products are some of the highest accredited in the industry, the company inspects and certifies its projects, and offers the assurance of all requisite approvals in place.


To be recognized as a leading player within the HVAC industry having formidable presence across product categories.


Striving for superior quality and performance while manufacturing sustainable products. Associate with leading projects that are shaping the infrastructure landscape.

Core attributes

  • Striving for excellence
  • Achieve technical superiority
  • Commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Conscious of environment and costs
  • Investing in innovative methodologies

Our Growth Drivers

At the core of the CVS culture are certain principles and values that every member at CVS adheres to.


At CVS, every care is taken to ensure that the products and processes deliver consistently on the highest quality standards as per the local and international standards.


The service delivery aspects at CVS are aligned to build lasting relationships with the entire ecosystem in which the company operates. CVS looks at every project with the idea of making it hassle free and seamless experience for all.


In products, execution and all communication, the teams at CVS are aligned to be absolutely transparent and honest. Acting with integrity is a fundamental aspect at CVS.

Innovation andtechnology

CVS committed to invest in its manufacturing capabilities, technological superiority and innovative potential to be the partner of choice for large scale and landmark projects