CVS is a technologically oriented progressive company where immense importance to accorded to achieving highest quality standards in manufacturing, seamless process orientation and execution capabilities. Over the years, CVS has invested in creating an enviable infrastructure at par with the best global standards.

World-class manufacturing facilities

The company has two state-of-art manufacturing facilities at Sharjah and Doha respectively. The Sharjah manufacturing facility is spread over 100 sq ft area and has some of the most advanced manufacturing technologies in place. The plant has the capacity to manufacture over 70 tons of pre-fabricated ductwork every week. The Doha plant is a modern marvel of manufacturing with capabilities to produce the complete range of products for ducting applications. Both manufacturing facilities employ over 400 professionals. These manufacturing facilities have the capacity and capability to deliver for large scale projects and complex applications. At both these plants, CVS manufactures the complete range of ducting product line, including the most accredited fire-rated non-coated product line, SAFE 4. With the in-house manufacturing of the complete range of highest quality air movement and control products, CVS ensures the best turnaround times with the most stringent quality adherence in every aspect.

Quality Consistency

Ensuring highest quality is of critical importance in the HVAC industry. The entire manufacturing process at both the plants has multiple levels of quality checks. Every part of the production flow has established quality check parameters and technology is leveraged to ensure that all products match the highest quality standards. The manufacturing facilities adhere to rigorous local and international quality manufacturing standards. Teams of experienced engineers, technicians, planners and administrators lead various functions at these manufacturing facilities and ensure the quality consistency at every stage. With a rich culture of constant training and skill enhancements, the CVS teams are abreast with the latest technological advancements. The man and machine integration at CVS facilities are designed to ensure the best-in-class products that match up to the most stringent quality standards requirements.

Process automation and smart technology

CVS utilizes smart technologies in all aspects of manufacturing. Every part is uniquely tagged and tracked during manufacturing right up to delivery to the client. The processes of designing, drafting, manufacturing and assembly are seamlessly integrated into the computerized management systems that allow for outstanding flexibility and just-in-time production methodologies
Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) ensure consistent and up-to-standard products, while at the same time, drastically reduces production time and wastage. The lean manufacturing implementation ensures quick turnaround regardless of the project size.

  • Manufacturing process automation
  • Industry leading manufacturing practices
  • Stringent quality control parameters for all products and processes
  • Manufacturing Fire-rated and prefabricated ductwork, Doors and louvers, Customized solutions