With over years of experience in delivering solutions in the HVAC industry and manufacturing complete range of products that are certified for safety and performance, CVS offers smoke management consultancy and certification services. The leadership team at CVS comes with a deep understanding of HVAC segment and the nuances of its functioning. CVS services are aimed at value adding in the spirit of partnership.

Smoke Management Consultancy

Effective engineering of fire and smoke management products involve a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of fire and smoke. This knowledge, accompanied with firm understanding of the region’s building standards and comprehensive manufacturing experience, form the backbone of CVS’s Smoke Management Consultancy.
In the modern building design, the HVAC systems plays key part in smoke management as it directly impact airflows. In many cases, the ventilation systems acts as at the primary driver of fires, and poor design and products can ultimately compromise the entire system, regardless of how effectively the other systems perform. With increasingly more radical and innovative building design, safety system need to be tailored to be effective and, at the same time, comply with the local building codes.
There are several different methods of smoke control, including the reverse airflow method, the positive pressurization method, and the exhaust method, etc. Smoke control systems can also be active or passive. The ultimate objective is for the evacuation of the buildings occupants before the fire can be mitigated. While such design considerations typically lie in the domain of the engineer at the design stage, understanding the product – its limits, ranges and effectiveness is where CVS can provide unparalleled insight to its clients. Moreover, apart from the design aspects, complying with the local regulation and satisfying the numerous specifications can be very convoluted and time consuming. As a company that designs, develops, manufactures, installs and certifies all its products, CVS can help clients navigate through all the legislative intricacies by advising on products that meets all the requirements and to preempt potential problems with existing designs.

Certified Installation

Due to the rise in awareness of the government regulations and the more stringent enforcement, CVS now offers certified installation of all its fire rated products. This serves as a value addition to our clients, but more importantly, ensure that the installations are exactly as per the standards. It is often the case that site personnel simply install the fire rated products like their non-rated counterparts. This can cause significant delays at the final stages of construction when the non-compliance is discovered during our inspection or is rejected by the authorities. At CVS, we understand the time critical nature of the projects in the region. We try to schedule the installation to fit into our client’s time frame, install the system, inspect and certify the installation.
If one chooses to do the installation themselves, CVS will provide the installation manuals, guidelines, training and direct support on all matters of installation and handling.